What is the structure of Commintex company?

1 min readFeb 6, 2022


All divisions of the company are divided into main, auxiliary and administrative.

The main divisions are the administrative units in which the bulk of the company’s employees work. Auxiliary and administrative divisions provide business activity of the company as a whole. Such a “dynamic” structure allows us to solve both private tasks facing the customer, and large-scale, strategic programs of enterprises and organizations.

Administrative divisions:


Responsible for the overall management of the company’s divisions.

Main divisions:

Network Integration Department

Development and implementation of network projects in the field of local and global networks.

Systems Integration Department

Develops and creates the information structure of enterprises — fully ensures the work of the organization with information through management decisions and the introduction of a set of software and hardware.

Corporate Projects Department

Responsible for assessing the information infrastructure of the enterprise, preparing proposals for the creation, optimization and development of corporate information systems;

And also for the practical implementation of technical proposals related to the creation and improvement of information systems;

For the development of contract specifications for software and hardware systems that ensure the implementation of decisions made, ensuring the execution of concluded contracts.

Complex Projects Department

Responsible for working with strategic customers.

Auxiliary divisions:

Marketing department

Legal Department

Human Resources Department




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