Results of 2021
2 min readFeb 3, 2022

In 2021, the IT companies that were able to pre-optimize their resources for potential projects were successful. I’m talking about potential projects because if before the fall of 2020 we could be confident in our forecasts and knew when and what would have to be implemented, then, unfortunately, in 2021, both financial and temporary changes were made to most contracts .

Those companies that were able to correctly allocate their resources both in terms of project implementation and revenue generation were the most successful. Undoubtedly, the companies that were clearly aware of their capabilities and skillfully used their competitive advantages were the winners. Every IT company has leading products that need to be developed and strengthened.

The main tool of an IT company is people. The integrator is highly dependent on its employees. And since 2020 was characterized by a high degree of uncertainty, both temporal and financial, it was necessary to clearly calculate the costs of maintaining staff and attracting employees. Sometimes it turned out to be more profitable to attract specialists for subcontracting than to perform work by the company.

I especially want to emphasize that any company, any project, any line of business live and develop if they have a leader. If the direction is headed by a person who can ignite and captivate the team, the result will be positive.

Of course, there are other business tactics. Some, for example, see the crisis as an opportunity to conquer new market segments. However, time will tell how successful this approach will be.


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